If you are seeking financing for your purchase, our Sales team will work together with you and your nominated financial institution to ensure a smooth and speedy financing arrangement. There are several options for leasing, for companies, you may choose between a finance lease where the ownership is generally transferred to the lessee upon final payment, typically $1.15 or you can structure payments so there is a “Balloon Payment” at the end of the lease to lower the monthly lease payment throughout the term, say 20% of original purchase price. The term which is normally 36 months, can be longer or shorter depending on your requirements.

Or an Operating Lease, with an operating lease you are really leasing the vehicle from the financial institution for a period of 36 to 48 months and at the end of this term the bank or the vendor has final ownership so you must return the vehicle and you can either walk away or you can lease a new vehicle for another term. During the term of the lease the bank will take care of all the insurance and servicing of the vehicle. This option is suitable for companies and organizations that do not want the hassle of maintaining a vehicle and the annual insurance renewals, nor the process of tendering or selling the vehicle at the end of its useful life.

For personal financing options, currently all financial institutions treat the purchase of personal vehicles as loans and as long as there is sufficient security to secure the loan the financing is usually a short process.

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